I noticed a difference in our children when playing computer games, especially towards bedtime. They wouldn’t go to sleep for at least an hour after they went to bed, not only that, they were grumpy and aggressive with each other and very argumentative with us. It wasn’t just the kids that I noticed were affected by screen time, I myself would be working on the computer in the evening, in bed I would check facebook and get sucked into that vortex, then I would be tossing and turning, unable to settle and wonder why I can’t go to sleep. When I did finally get to sleep, I woke in the morning having to drag myself out of bed and not be fully awake till noon, not have any patience with the kids or my husband, highly emotional, wondering what is wrong with me? Why do I feel like this?

It wasn’t till my husband and business partner got into a mastermind and became more aware of health, we read a book about sleep called Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson, this absolutely highlighted for both of us just how important sleep is and how much damage we are doing to ourselves when deprived of sleep. Inside this book was a sleep aid, that we have never heard of before, anti blue light glasses.

These were a fantastic idea! With the amount children use screen time these days and sleep deprivation at it’s highest worldwide, we needed to get these.  If our family suffers after screen time, then others must suffer too?

We offer a range of high quality, glasses to adults and children, bringing awareness of the health implications lack of sleep has on our body and mind. We help tackle sleep deprivation on a global scale, creating healthier, happier people.