Bloxx-Phoenix-Advanced Ergonomic Rimmed Anti Blue Light Glasses-Amber Tinted Lenses

pink and red computer glasses for children aged 8-16 years, with yellow tinted lenses.

Increase the quality of sleep, allowing body to access deeper levels of healing through restorative sleep
Improve mood and behaviour, which can occur after less optimal sleep.
Increased health and well-being through body synchronization to natures cycle(circadian rhythm)
Clearer and sharper clarity during screen time
Bloxx glasses give up to 98% protection from blue light. Whilst giving amazing protection for your little one’s health, these lenses are also: * 100% UV protection * Anti scratch *Anti flicker *Anti reflection *Anti glare * Polarized. Magnification: There are no magnification to these lenses. Size: 47-15-130 (lense diameter, the bridge width and side length) all measured in millimetres. The lense diameter is the width of the lense ( in millimetres) measured from the bridge. Suitable for children aged 8-16 years. We are surrounded by artificial blue light, children are spending more and more time in front of screens. Spending time on screens in the evening and nights, reduce your melatonin levels, the vital hormone that induces sleep. Bloxx filters up to 98% blue light, emitted from screen, stopping the reduction of melatonin and ensuring your child gets a great night sleep, they deserve.

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