Designer babies-coming soon!

How would you like to order your baby, just like order take away? I'd like a girl, with green eyes and hold the anchovies! I know my thought on designer babies, how about you? Personally I do not agree with it,  I think nature should be left to do what nature does best. I am … Continue reading Designer babies-coming soon!

Edible game controllers?

I was genuinely shocked when I read this article and am intrigued to dig into this more. Smart pills, which can be easily swallowed, are currently being developed by scientists with two focuses, wireless patient monitoring, and diagnostic imaging, with the latter being the most popular. This technology is not only within the gaming industry but medical … Continue reading Edible game controllers?

Eyesight myths

There are a lot of myths about our eye health, so I decided to dig in and find out, how true these actually are the the do's and don'ts of eye health? So here are some myths I have found and the links to my findings. Myth number 1: Carrots will help you see in … Continue reading Eyesight myths

Shift work

The big challenge that we face today, is that in our fast- paced world, millions of people are chronically sleep deprived and suffering delirious effects of getting low quality sleep. Immune system failure,diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression and memory loss are just a few to be named. Unknown to a lot of people, continual sleep problems … Continue reading Shift work

Sleep stages/cycles

Ok, first of all, every day we go through two processes. Process 1 is called process S. Process S is a drive that we all have and that is the drive to go to sleep. From the very moment we wake, we start the drive to go back to sleep again and this increases all … Continue reading Sleep stages/cycles


I was invited by a business mentor Lisa Marie Brown of #Pinkspiration to go to a conference the week before last in the Hilton hotel in Cardiff.  I didn't know what it was about but I was going anyway. So, I caught the bus into town, was loaded with the glasses in my handbag and … Continue reading ‘Coincidence’