Artificial blue light

Blue light can be both good and bad for you. NATURAL blue light, that comes from the sun, the high energy wavelengths of blue light, collide with the molecules in the air, scattering blue light everywhere. This is what makes the sky look blue.  You see, light travels at different wavelengths. Blue light is in the visible light spectrum and is of higher energy but has a shorter wavelength, its wavelength is of 380nm to 500nm (nano metres are what the wavelength is measured by). Violet, indigo and some blue-green light, are other colours of the visible light spectrum.


Studies suggest that prolonged periods in front of screens may cause serious long term damage to your eyes. This is worrying as, in our age, the digital age, around 60% of the population spend more than 6 hours staring at a screen per day! Blue light is great for you in the day, it boosts your attention, reaction times and your mood.

Artificial blue light is not good, when being exposed to at night. Do you think the cavemen/women were exposed to any blue light in the evening? No, we are so out of sink with our natural world and technology, yes it is amazing but we are throwing our natural body clock (our circadian rhythm) completely out of whack. It’s no wonder people have so many ailments in the 21st century. We are consistently exposed to blue light. We are the only living thing that purposely deprives ourselves of sleep.

Artificial blue light effects our ability to sleep, as it reduces our melanin levels. The sun emits blue light for a purpose, to send signals to the brain, telling it to WAKE UP! So when you sit in front of the television, or play on your phone in bed, or at your laptop or computer and then settle down in bed and wonder why you cannot go to sleep, it will be because you have been sending signals to your brain, that it is still day time.

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