Work/family balance

I don't know about you but sometimes and when I say sometimes, I pretty much mean nearly all the time, in particular my 5 year old, is quite demanding for my time. He is constantly in play mode (apart from when he has his tablet) and wants you to get involved. So when you need … Continue reading Work/family balance

Vitamin D

Do you get enough vitamin D throughout your day? How do we get vitamin D? You can get vitamin D, through getting outside and getting direct sunlight on your skin. You can also get vitamin D from certain food too. Oily fish is a good source of vitamin D, such as salmon, mackerel, herring and … Continue reading Vitamin D


Yesterday, I felt the affects of not having enough sleep, it wasn't nice and I had to put myself to bed early for a catch up. I feel much better today and realise I have been rather silly with myself lately. For the last two weeks, our dog Taylor hasn't been very well, so have … Continue reading Sleep

How do you fit life, into your life?

Right now, I have a rather large list of things to get, among the list is home educating Roman, keeping house, kids off on Easter holidays, ill dog, so I am emotional, as I know we dont have much time with him left, producing/ launching a podcast, working on podcast website, preparing a pitch to … Continue reading How do you fit life, into your life?


For the past week and a half I have been reading this book. This book is great. It is not the only book I have read about getting on top of your finances, this book is not a step by step of what you need to do, this is Vincents story on how he got … Continue reading Finance

Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with a manual!

Wouldn’t it be good if kids came with a manual! Think about it, all the unknown mistakes that you look back at and think, oh I wish I had done this different and oh, I wish I hadn’t been like that or said that. I honestly think, hands down, parenting is the hardest, most emotionally … Continue reading Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with a manual!

Gardening for your benefit.

  Yesterday felt like the first sign that spring has finally come upon us. Hooray! I love spring, you feel the warm heat of the sun upon your skin, hear the birds chirping away and the sweet smell of fresh air in your lungs, give me that all day, every day. It was so refreshing. … Continue reading Gardening for your benefit.

How much screen time should my kids have?

So I ask myself the question of how much time is sufficient to allow my kids to sit in front of a screen. These days, kids would sit there all day every day if you allow them, believe me, I have 3 of them! Kenzie and Roman are obsessed with computer games and Anna would … Continue reading How much screen time should my kids have?

How do your kids sleep at night?

Does your child have a regular bedtime routine? Do you have a regular bedtime routine? Did you know having a regular bedtime- time and routine put into place, you will programme your brain into certain ques, to let your body know when it is bedtime. You need to practice a new routine for at least … Continue reading How do your kids sleep at night?

Bloxx brand

So I have been really busy pushing the brand out there and contacting mummy blogger's, to see if they would be willing to review Bloxx glasses.  I have had my first taker!Her name is Clare.  Clare has a great website and being a former nanny, she has some great tips for parents and stories … Continue reading Bloxx brand