Meeting cabinet secretary Ken Skates

Through my business mentor Lisa Marie Brown, I had the privilege to meet and pitch my company Bloxx to the Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates. Above is #LisaMarieBrown and #KenSkates Cabinet Secretary Lisa's business is called Pinkspiration and she transforms unused spaces, providing work and skills to young adults and encourage s females to enter into … Continue reading Meeting cabinet secretary Ken Skates

What a ride

I apologize as I haven't written a blog post for a while, I have decided to only write, when I have something worth saying. So I do not want to commit to blogging every day and then putting out average content. So I just wanted to let you know. What's been going on with me? … Continue reading What a ride

Artificial blue light good and bad for you?

Blue light can be both good and bad for you. NATURAL blue light, that comes from the sun, the high energy wavelengths of blue light, collide with the molecules in the air, scattering blue light everywhere. This is what makes the sky look blue.  You see, light travels at different wavelengths. Blue light is in … Continue reading Artificial blue light good and bad for you?


Woohoo! The sun has got his hat on, hippip hippip horray! The sun has got his hat on and were going out to play! And that is what Roman and I are doing today, getting out, getting a good daily dose of vitamin D, but also sun block, hat and Bloxx glasses! Having some time … Continue reading Summer!

First review

Back a few weeks ago, I scoured the internet, looking at mum blogger's to test and review Bloxx glasses. I had a lovely lady from Ireland agree to test and review my glasses. Here website is called Her name is Deborah Patrick and I was thrilled to receive the review of Bloxx yesterday. The … Continue reading First review

Bloxx Revolution!

OK, so the Bloxx Revolution! Let's start with the counties in the UK Wales first. I need 1 person from each county in Wales to comment on what county they are from and to like Bloxx facebook page and share their comment to their facebook friends! Let's do this people!Lets change the way we sleep! … Continue reading Bloxx Revolution!

Tech ban!

Yesterday my husband and I implemented a tech ban, not just for the kids but for us too.  We had our phones on us but were not to go on them, they were just incase we had a phone call. What a fantastic day! I haven't heard so much laughter from the kids playing together, … Continue reading Tech ban!

Sun-eye protection

I love sunny days, who doesn't? You can get out and enjoy the garden without freezing your butt off, watch they plant's grow in the summer and pick the fruits of your labour or just sit and enjoy the hot sun on your skin, hearing the birds chirping and the splash of the the kids … Continue reading Sun-eye protection

Correct your eye sight?

I have been reading up about eyes sight in a magazine called Vista- I came across an article of a girl who had experienced short sightedness in both eyes and astigmatism in her right eye at the age of 10, She struggled to read the writing on the board at school. She got glasses … Continue reading Correct your eye sight?


Today, I have been busy tweeting lots of people. Let's hope I get some replys! Why am I tweeting lots of people? To get more votes for the voom business pitch of course! So far today, I have tweeted all of the Welsh rugby squad, Cardiff blues, Cardiff devils, Charlotte church, Tom Jones,(notice the Welsh … Continue reading Twitter