Blue light

blue light steph

All the screens we have in our life are messing up our cortisol and melatonin hormonal production in a bad way. The more artificial blue light we are exposed to (blue light from computer or smart phone or TV) the more disoriented your bodies natural preparation for sleep becomes.  Aim to turn off screens at least 90 minutes before bedtime or use blue light blocker glasses- I get mine from

I also use a F.lux application on my computer that eliminates blue light from the screen as the day goes on so that I am not tricking my body into thinking it isstill light outside.

The pineal gland’s signal to start excreting melatonin (and suppress cortisol) is darkness.  Blue light interferes with this natural cycle and prevents the body from full on sleep mode.

Think about doing a blue light inventory of your night time routine and see if there are steps you can take to reduce exposure so you can wake up feeling great!

By Stephanie Wharton Wellness