Edible game controllers?

edible controller

I was genuinely shocked when I read this article and am intrigued to dig into this more.

Smart pills, which can be easily swallowed, are currently being developed by scientists with two focuses, wireless patient monitoring, and diagnostic imaging, with the latter being the most popular.

This technology is not only within the gaming industry but medical too. Ingestible sensors—pill-sized electronics that ping your smartphone with data after you pop and swallow—have started to arrive on the market. They don’t do much yet: Mostly they measure pH, temperature, and pressure or monitor whether or not patients have taken their meds. The California-based health tech company recently won FDA approval to sell its drug-sensor-app system for ensuring people with schizophrenia take their antipsychotics, and plans to expand soon into cancer, HIV, and hepatitis C. Proteus began testing its device in humans in 2008 (it pinged data to a Blackberry!), but because the pill-plus-sensor combo was so new, it took years of working with the FDA to even figure out what kind of data to submit to get approval.

Patients swallow it, and it allows doctors to remotely visualize their insides. This smart pill is best suited to gastrointestinal tract and colon checks, due to its less invasive nature than traditional methods.  In another case, one company is aiming to change the way you feel, with a pill that can shift your state between energetic and calm using low-energy waves that speak to your neural pathways. It’s a literal chill pill.

REF: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2185512-a-computer-games-edible-controller-lets-you-play-it-with-your-gut/




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