I was invited by a business mentor Lisa Marie Brown of #Pinkspiration to go to a conference the week before last in the Hilton hotel in Cardiff.  I didn’t know what it was about but I was going anyway.

So, I caught the bus into town, was loaded with the glasses in my handbag and was ready for some networking.  This guy got on the bus and sat right in front of me, he was sitting on a seat that is side facing and he got out his laptop and started working on it.  So I had a thought pop into my head, to ask him if he wanted to try on ‘my’ glasses.  So it took me about 15 minutes into the journey, to pluck up the courage and ask.  ‘Do you want to try on my glasses? They are anti blue light.’  So he smirks at me and says, ‘ no thank you.’

It’s ok, It’s ok, big deal he said no, don’t get embarrassed, you need to get used to hearing no’s before you get yes’s.  My other mentor, he heads up the mastermind i’m in on facebook, Vincent Pugliese- he is the author of #Freelancetofreedom- I highly recommend his book, it was inspirational for Joel and I.

Anyway, he says that it should be a goal to get as many no’s as you can, so get out there and start racking up your no’s! I’m getting off track now, so I got a no, slightly embarrassed about it at first but I shook it off.  Then I had another bright Idea pop into my head. ‘Give him the leaflet, so he doesn’t think your weird.’  So I lean over and say, ‘ sorry, can I just give you this, I didn’t want you thinking i’m some weird random person asking if you wanted to try on my glasses!’  Phew, he took it off me and said, ‘I’m a web designer, do you want me to show it around the office for you?’ wooohooo! Thank you random thought! ‘Yes please that would be great!’

So putting myself out there paid off and it usually does if you can pluck up the courage and just do it!

So, I get to the conference and is asked my name at the desk. ‘I don’t seem to have your name.’ urgh! But I get in anyway! #Happy!  But I don’t have a table, so I am just standing by the door, everyone already seated and one of the organiser’s asked if I had a table. ‘no.’ So I was put on table 7.

Now I don’t know if you guys know, you should, well maybe not about the hotel’s but I will fill you in on that now.  My end goal is to have Bloxx in homes, schools and businesses worldwide-including high end hotels. (bear with me- this is relative to the story.)

So I am sat on my seat and a lady comes onto stage, I look at the posters on stage and she starts talking about schools and how they are in the process of putting together a new school curriculum. The purpose of this conference was to get ideas from us, on what to include in the need curriculum for Wales! ‘No freaking way!’ ‘Jackpot!’ I couldn’t believe it, amazing! So I listened and I must say, I was pretty impressed with what they got so far.  They are hoping to announce/start integrating the new curriculum summer 2019, we will see.

After all the keynote speakers, we were asked to introduce ourselves at the table and do some brainstorming together on what we think should be in the new curriculum.

So the lady to the right of me worked in the Marriot hotel, the lady opposite me, worked at the Hilton hotel and to the left of me there were another two ladies, who both worked at the Celtic manor hotel! ‘NO FREAKING WAY!’ Are you kidding me! I was blown away and super excited, two of my target markets within the same room, all at the same time! Brilliant! So we discussed and wrote down our ideas. There is another conference just like this but bigger and on the same subject in October, so I will definitely be booking on to that and taking Joel with me.

The conference ended and I thought everyone would be sticking around for some networking but they seemed to be leaving straight away! I had pinpointed a few people I wanted to connect with and luckily, I managed to grab them and get their business cards. To be honest, I did have to battle with myself not to leave like everyone else, without getting any connection’s! ‘Don’t you dare leave without getting any business cards, this is too good an opportunity to miss!’ Is exactly what I told myself and yes, I do talk to myself quite a bit when I am out of my comfort zone. You don’t get anywhere staying where your comfortable and that just isn’t an option for me.

So! What do you guys think of my experience? ‘Coincidence or Mean’t to be?’


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