Introbiz network event

Yesterday I attended an introbiz networking event down in the new Lexus showroom Cardiff.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, met some great people, got to show off Bloxx and had a very positive reaction and feedback from them.


Introbiz was born in 2009 with founder Tracey Smolinski and is now considered to be wale’s leading independent business network.

Tracey has built a fantastic team around her, the quality of the food, drink, venue was fantastic and her team were always at hand to talk to and checking if we needed anything. Super friendly.

The quality of the show stands at the venue screamed quality, from #HolmHouse, of course #Lexus #Liang and you could even try on some of the jewellery, I didn’t, you know when you think to yourself, yeah, I better not touch any, just encase.

There was one particular car I took to down there, called the #Black Panther. It was beautiful, I have chosen this car as my step up, before I get my #Ferrari!

Isn’t she beautiful and I must say, I could have got used to it!;)

So it was my first #Introbiz networking event and it won’t be my last, it was a great chance to find new connections and possible future business collaborations!

Check out the Introbiz website

Introbiz also host a huge event, which is free to the public and they offer several packages for exhibitors. This year, you can even purchase tickets to meet #Sir Alan Sugar!


So thank you Tracey Smolinski and Paul, I will be seeing you at future events!


#Bloxx suits you Tracey!

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