Meeting cabinet secretary Ken Skates

Through my business mentor Lisa Marie Brown, I had the privilege to meet and pitch my company Bloxx to the Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates.


Above is #LisaMarieBrown and #KenSkates Cabinet Secretary

Lisa’s business is called Pinkspiration and she transforms unused spaces, providing work and skills to young adults and encourage s females to enter into the construction industry. I have entered into Lisa’s business rising stars and this has brought opportunity to me for Bloxx to get exposure, so I am extremely grateful. This is how I came to meet the Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates and I am proud and excited to say he loved Bloxx glasses and felt instant relief with his eyes when he put on Bloxx.


Above shows Ken Skates and some of his team members, Lisa Marie Brown and candidate’s for Business Rising Stars (myself included) 😁

It was an amazing day and I was completely out of my comfort zone but that is where growth happens, so I search for more opportunities like this to come my way!

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

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