Tech ban!

Yesterday my husband and I implemented a tech ban, not just for the kids but for us too.  We had our phones on us but were not to go on them, they were just incase we had a phone call.

What a fantastic day! I haven’t heard so much laughter from the kids playing together, since the last tech ban was implemented. They sat and played lego and k’nex together, Kenzie and Anna actually played play fighting with Roman, which they never do.

When joel got home from work, we went for a 3 hour walk, stopped off up Joel’s parent’s and then walked to the local pub for a drink. We haven’t done that for years either, £15 for 5 drinks and 3 packs of crisps! what!

We then walked home. While I was cooking tea then, around 5 o clock, Roman sat playing and went to look in the cupboard and started getting playdough out, Anna got her drawing pad out and Kenzie went up to his bedroom.

At 5.15, I let Roman have 45 minutes on the wii, Anna had television and Kenzie his xbox till 6.30.

We had a delicious Sunday dinner and the kids went to bed with no hassle, there was no getting out of bed for Roman, which he usually gets up at least once. It was a great day, so guess what’s happening today?

Yep! Tech ban! At least till 5 o clock!

Have a great day!

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