Sun-eye protection

I love sunny days, who doesn’t? You can get out and enjoy the garden without freezing your butt off, watch they plant’s grow in the summer and pick the fruits of your labour or just sit and enjoy the hot sun on your skin, hearing the birds chirping and the splash of the the kids jumping in the pool followed by screams of laughter. Sounds quite idyllic doesn’t it. I love those days. But am I as aware as I should be about protecting myself on these idyllic days? Yes, I, Joel and the kids have been caught by the sun a few times and burned, it is easy to forget to apply that all important sunscreen. Remember that song? Very wise song if you listen to the words. I didn’t like it when it came out, I thought it was quite rubbish. I obviously didn’t listen to the words back then but I have now and yes, very wise words. I don’t know what the point on writing this was but, there you go.

Back to what I was saying, yes, the importance of remembering to put on sunscreen when the sun is out. BUT, it is not just when the sun is out. Have you ever been burned on a cloudy day? I have. I think it is common sense really, if it feels hot outside but cloudy, still put on sunscreen, if it is cloudy and cold, then I think it safe to say you don’t need to put it on.

So, is it just sunscreen you need to protect yourself on a sunny day?

No, you also need to remember to protect your eyes. Don’t forget your sunglasses when you go out on a sunny day. You are protecting your eyes from UV light and look good too.

Ensure your sunglasses are 100% UV filter. Children need to protect their eyes just as adults do. According to the NHS, small children and babies should not be in the sun at all. That’s easier said than done, when you got a life. NHS advises that toddler’s and older children should wear, sun cream, hat and loose, baggy cotton clothes and sunglasses that meet the British Standard, that carry the CE mark. (yes Bloxx carry CE mark)and are 100% UV.

So that is my pearl of wisdom for the day.

Have an awesome day and speak to you tomorrow!

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