Work/family balance

I don’t know about you but sometimes and when I say sometimes, I pretty much mean nearly all the time, in particular my 5 year old, is quite demanding for my time. He is constantly in play mode (apart from when he has his tablet) and wants you to get involved. So when you need to get some work done, if I haven’t got up early enough to get work time done, like today, you kind of get the inner turmoil of guilt, for having to get your work done whilst he is awake. I don’t get it with Kenzie and Anna because they are that much older and just pretty much want to do their own thing anyway.

I think a lot of people struggle with the work/family balance and question whether they got it right or not. Roman knows though, when we do work, he is to do his own thing, like play Lego or watch a film and when we have finished, we are all his. Even knowing this, doesn’t stop the guilty feeling from seeking in, this is why Joel and I like to get up earlier in the morning to do business and when the kids go to bed. It just so happens that today Roman woke up with us!

I read this book a long time ago and we did implement the change from the book, we enjoyed it and the kids did to. It is called The family board meeting. It is a small book of 76 pages, so doesn’t take long to read and the changes from this book change your  relationship with your spouse for the positive.


This is one change we will have to reimplement into our family schedule!

It is all about spending time with your children, but on a one to one basis. There is a catch, which some people these days may struggle with, is that when you spend time with them, you cannot take your mobile phone with you. The time you spend, does not allow the cinema. The time you spend together has to be uninterrupted, no screens, quality time with your child and for at least 4 hours on the day.

When we did this, it definitely made a difference with our relationship with our kids, I don’t know why we stopped to be honest, so this is something we will be implementing back. You can also use the board meeting for your partners too, life is so busy, it is easy to become disconnected.

So if your feeling disconnected with your child or your partner even, then I recommend this book and I will be reading it again this week to freshen up and put the book into action once again.

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