Vitamin D

Do you get enough vitamin D throughout your day?

How do we get vitamin D?

You can get vitamin D, through getting outside and getting direct sunlight on your skin. You can also get vitamin D from certain food too.

Oily fish is a good source of vitamin D, such as salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines. If your not a fish lover, red meats and eggs are also other great sources of vitamin D.

You can also get vitamin D through supplements, which you can buy either over the internet or most health stores.

There are also other food products you can get that have added vitamin D, such as cereals, some infant milk formulas, fat spreads and non dairy alternatives.

So why is vitamin D so crucial to our health?

We need vitamin D in our diets to enable our body to absorb calcium and phosphate from our diets. Without these minerals, we can get deformities, like rickets, from having weak and soft bones. These minerals are also important to keep our teeth and muscles healthy and strong too.

So what if I sit by a window to get vitamin D?

Nope, you won’t get any. UVB cannot penetrate through glass.

If you plan to be out in the sun for prolonged periods however, you are to cover up with suitable clothing and apply at least SPF 15 sunscreen and protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Please let me note, I am not a qualified nutritionist, I have written this blog through thorough research from qualified institutes.

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