Yesterday, I felt the affects of not having enough sleep, it wasn’t nice and I had to put myself to bed early for a catch up. I feel much better today and realise I have been rather silly with myself lately.

For the last two weeks, our dog Taylor hasn’t been very well, so have had a few days sleeping downstairs with him, that in itself didn’t give me a very well slept night and I also had early mornings, life doesn’t stop just because you had a bad night sleep.

I have been having late nights,working on the business too, these are really the only times I have to work on business as there is Roman to educate and general household/ life to keep going too.

So all these late nights and early mornings have accumulated the last few days really, along with an emotional rollercoaster I have been riding on. It is easy to shut down and want to lock yourself away when things get hard, I went to an I am woman meeting on Tuesday night, when I was there, all I wanted to do was go home. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the company and the content but my heart wasn’t in it. On the way home, I had a good cry, which I had been holding in for several days. One pearl of wisdom I can give you is to cry when you feel like crying. If I hold emotion in, I get anxiety, until I have a good cry and either talk or journal about how I am feeling.

Holding emotion in also manifests into ailments in your body, so let it out!

On tops of not having enough sleep and feeling like an emotional mess, I also didn’t eat enough or drink enough yesterday. So I am doing great with looking after myself lately. But hey ho, I have recognised my stupidity, I am human, I make mistakes and now, I can get myself together and put myself back on the road to health, so today I have set myself to drink at least 6 jars-yes jars, some of my glasses are jars in the house, I like to be a bit kooky on times and get my self rehydrated. Also to eat regular and make sure I have food with me when I go out.

So I am not going to give you a lecture on how important it is to look after yourself as that would be hypocritical at the moment, I can save that for when I am doing it myself 😉

So that is where I am at the moment, hope you guys are taking better care of yourselves, I have had my wake up call, have a fab day, it looks beautiful out and speak again tomorrow. Xx

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