How do you fit life, into your life?

Right now, I have a rather large list of things to get, among the list is home educating Roman, keeping house, kids off on Easter holidays, ill dog, so I am emotional, as I know we dont have much time with him left, producing/ launching a podcast, working on podcast website, preparing a pitch to enter into virgin competition and that isn’t all of my to do list. It is a whole lot and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. There is no way I will not get it done, so writing about how I feel and what is going on in family and business, is really therapeutic. Journalling is a really good way to offload things and help to get your mind staright with to do lists and life in general.

So yes, I have a whole lot to get done but, thanks to my journal, I can avoid the feeling of overwhelm and have things all laid out for you to get straight to it, the following day. So that is one way, I fit a busy life, because when I don’t write it down, is when overwhelm kicks in.

Try it. Maybe journalling can work for you too.

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