Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with a manual!

Wouldn’t it be good if kids came with a manual!

Think about it, all the unknown mistakes that you look back at and think, oh I wish I had done this different and oh, I wish I hadn’t been like that or said that.

I honestly think, hands down, parenting is the hardest, most emotionally wearing ‘job’ you can ever have and it is also the most rewarding. I wouldn’t change having my beauties for the world.

I was 19 when I fell pregnant with My eldest Mckenzie. Looking back, I was too young having him, don’t get me wrong I was a good mum but emotionally mature, not old enough. I think that kicked in, in my late 20’s.

He was a mummy’s boy, I loved it and I soon caught with my daughter Anna. 11 months after giving birth to Mckenzie, Anna was born. Wow, it was like having twins really and to be honest, I think I struggled. I take my hat off to mothers with twins and more!

Mckenzie got really jealous of anna and I have in the past,felt guilt with Mckenzie, as he didn’t get much time with me to himself and Anna was really clingy with me. Even when I was having a hug with my husband, she would squeeze in the middle of us and try and push him away.

There are so many I wishes, you can mull over and over in your head, thinking about past events and I wishes but the truth is, you cannot affect the past. That is done, the past is where it should be, in the past. So if you are a muller and live in the past quite often, then remember that you cannot change past events. You can only effect today, take your learning’s from that past, as everything that happens for you in life, are all lessons for you to grow. If you don’t take the lesson, then guess what? The same type of lesson, will keep repeating over and over again, until you take the learning.

So, I still haven’t found that golden manual, which having 2 teenagers and a 5 year old in the house, would pretty much come in handy. Does it exist? No and if i’m wrong, please let me know. There are however, thousands and thousands of books and information out there for us to get into. There are also many support groups out there that you can find, if you just look or even having a cup of tea with a friend is some good therapy and support! Because let’s face it, everyone needs a little help sometimes. Do you think Bill Gates got where he is today, by himself? No, he partnered with Steve Jobs and don’t forget they also had a team around them.

I have read a few books and I thought I would share.

Calmer, happier, easier parenting is a really good book and it works from toddlers to teens. Your teens may look at you like you have two heads at first but it certainly works!

It makes you look at the way you talk and interact with your children and the techniques work but it is no magic pill, you have to work on yourself and keep at it, creating a new habit, to make it a permanent way of interacting with your children. But I really do highly recommend this book. I think it is the closest thing to a child manual. It is all about communication really. It is very similar to a book called how to win friends and influence people, how you interact with others, including children, depends upon what type of reaction you get back.

So yes, if there is one book I would recommend, it would be, Calmer, easier, happier parenting.

So if you do have some, I wishes from the past. Put them to rest because, like I said, you can’t change the past but now and the future can be what you want it to be, if you are willing to put in the effort and make some changes.


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