Gardening for your benefit.


Yesterday felt like the first sign that spring has finally come upon us. Hooray! I love spring, you feel the warm heat of the sun upon your skin, hear the birds chirping away and the sweet smell of fresh air in your lungs, give me that all day, every day. It was so refreshing.

I took Roman out the garden, Joel, Kenzie and Anna had gone off surfing down porthcawl, the dog hasn’t been well, so I stayed home with him and Roman didn’t fancy going this time, which was good because they said it was freezing! Anyway back to the garden. Roman and I planted our first seeds for in the greenhouse yesterday and also put in our red onions and shallots.


We even had the help of our duck to dig up the garden. She comes to greet up at the door every time we go out the garden, first you hear her quacking and then see her running up to you, she really is comical!

IMG_20180325_154332.jpgwe put some kale into our tyre planters, lettace, and planted the seeds of some carrots, fresh carrot and veggies from the garden, you just can’t beat them, so much more flavour in your food than shop bought veggies. This year it is my goal to grow as much food for the family as possible, should be fun!

How often do you get out and enjoy the fresh air? Even when it’s raining? Did you know the best time to get sunlight? According to NHS, from late march or early AprilA pr to the end of September, the best time to get sunlight is between 11am and 3pm. It is essential for your body to produce vitamin D. Your body is unable to make vitamin D inside, by a window, because ultraviolet B(uvb) rays- the ones where your body needs to make vitamin D,can’t get through glass.

So natural forms of blue light are not only good for you but essential for your bodies health. Artificial blue light, should be exposed to in small amounts and protect your eyes.

In the winter, sunlights doesn’t contain enough uvb- between October to early March, so much of our vitamin D will be consumed through food sources and supplements.

So I always say to my husband Joel, the best thing you can do is stick to what is natural but that’s just my opinion. All I know is I will be enjoying plenty of time in the fresh air, in my garden this year, ensuring me and my family get our healthy dose of vitamin D!


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