How do your kids sleep at night?

Does your child have a regular bedtime routine?

Do you have a regular bedtime routine?

Did you know having a regular bedtime- time and routine put into place, you will programme your brain into certain ques, to let your body know when it is bedtime. You need to practice a new routine for at least 30 days for it to become a new habit. Some people say 21 days but I stick with 30 and preferably longer.

Think what you do with your kids. Here is our nightly routine, obviously the older your children are, routines can change but, all the same, give your children a night time routine to help them programme their brains to knowing when it is coming closer to sleep time.

Make yours and your child’s bedtime routine as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. My two eldest children enjoy being treated more like adults, 12 and 13, they like it when I run a hot bath with bubbles, turn out the bathroom light and place all candles around the bath and units for them, it is relaxing and makes them feel special. As an added relaxation technique, I bring in the tablet(put it away from the bath) and put soft relaxation music on for them too, this is also something I myself like to do but watch you don’t fall asleep in the bath! You can even bring in the relaxation music for the younger children too, Roman(5) enjoys it. It also puts him nice and relaxed, ready for him to hop straight into bed for his book.

I give the kids their tea around 5pm, obviously not everyone can do this as they work but make it work for you and your schedules. So our tea is about 5pm, I tell roman he has half an hour for his food to go down but we usually do his bath for 6pm, he has his bath and a play, depending on what time he gets out of the bath, he may have some tv time downstairs (with his Bloxx glasses on). 7 o clock, he goes up, brushes his teeth and has a story in bed with either mum or dad. After his story, we leave him to read by himself in bed with some meditation music he likes to listen to and we close his bedroom door.

Sometimes, come the weekend, it is easy to say, ah its the weekend, let him or let’s stay up longer but that is the worst thing you can do as it will mess up your body clock and you need to start all over again in getting into the routine come Monday evening, so if you can, try and stay in the ballpark of your bedtime routine, even throughout the weekends, you won’t mess up your body clock so much.

Now that is Romans bedtime routine, he knows his routine and his body knows it too. Yes we do slip up now and again, we are human and sometimes we can’t always stick rigidly to routines but when you can stick to them, it can only benefit your child and you. Happy child, happy mum/dad;)

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