Blue light-Are we educated enough?

Is it me but everywhere I go, people are on their phones. Scrap that, not just phones but tablets too. AND it’s not just adults, its also the kids!
I went away with my family a few months back and we were sat in a restaurant waiting for our food and talking……yes talking to the kids about what were to do later that day. I look around the restaurant and I spot a table with a lady and three children sat down. The mother sat playing with her phone and her 3 children sat at the table with a tablet each, staring at the screen. Next, the lady rang somebody and sat there chatting on her phone while her or any of the kids didn’t speak a word to one-another. The waitress came over and then the mum spoke to her children as to what they wanted to eat and went back to her conversation on the phone and the kids continued watching their tablets. Their food come’s and the mum spent the whole meal in conversation on the phone to whomever she was talking to and one of the children pointed something out on the tablet to the sibling next to her while they were eating their food…..once. The rest of the meal, not one word was spoken between them all, until it was time to leave.
Parents are allowing their children to spend more and more time on phone/tablet/television/computers at a very young age, I have heard of so many 3-year olds that have been bought tablets for Christmas.
There are many reasons why parents buy their children these digital devices and don’t get me wrong, I do not run a hate campaign about them at all because I think technology we have today is fantastic. Our world has never been so connected and there is so much information available at our finger tips!
What is concerning is the amount of time children and adults are sat in front of a screen, unaware of the damage this can cause to their health and well- being. People are not educated on the dangers of prolonged use of technology. There is now ‘Gaming disorder’ listed in the World Health Organisation under mental health for those who are addicted to gaming. Dr Richard Graham of the Nightingale hospital in London said ‘It creates the opportunity for more specialised services. It puts it on the map as something to take seriously.’
Did you know, prolonged use of technology can cause macular degeneration and possibly cause blindness? Did you know, prolonged use of technology can cause sleep disorders, especially if used for several hours in the evening? Blue light emitted from digital devices reduces our melatonin production, which is an essential hormone your body produces, telling your body it is time to sleep. Now I don’t know about you but when I don’t get my 8 hours sleep, I am grumpy and fatigued, and my patience isn’t as it would be when I am well slept.
I am 34. If on days when I am over tired, I am not in control of my emotions, so how can we expect children to behave well and control themselves, if us as parents are not giving our children the amount of sleep they need to thrive and grow? And inevitably can’t even control our own emotions ourselves?
It is recommended that all digital devices are put away at least an hour before bedtime, so that our melatonin levels are not affected by use of technology. If you absolutely have to use technology in the evening, adults and children, I advise on using computer glasses. Bloxx glasses are specifically designed for sleep in mind, they filter up to 98% blue light emitted from digital devices, so if your children are bouncing around and look like they are ready to run a marathon in the evening instead of being ready for bed, then these glasses would help!
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